Illumined 1 – Pair

Katy Perry sometimes gets on my wick
But she’s got a story and she’s sticking to it
And in that resilient prose
I see echos of the path I chose
And even though I disagree
With what you may see and what you may be
You do it all so inspiringly
That I cannot help but admire
The way you work the fire
And plume it out with ardent smoke
That only signals and does not choke
So when I return to the dormant domain
With the echoes of my own pain
I can see a friendly foe
In the places that I’d never go
But go so brilliantly
I couldn’t do it, its not me
But slide and slice and head bang
I answered when the phone rang
Because the dark’s got its own spark
And you blow it out of the park
Don’t break the birds when you walk
But I sure do respect your right to talk
When it is true to your heart
I just wish it didn’t smart
When you nail the head down into place
And laugh at the human race
For though you may be your own view
You don’t know everything, do you?

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