The black energy of the Illumined Twin Flames
In which there are no games
Only subtle power plays
And the threats of go aways
That are ardently sincere
I love when you are near
For your approbation cuts me down
The winter and I start to drown
The condemnation and I fall
The No and I hit the wall
And in the making of the collapse
I realise that all my maps
Were pointing to a dark nowhere
That isn’t even there
An emptiness I can’t control
A beautiful in which I roll
An arrow set to spin
Back to who I am within
The radiance of the Tao
Is what I have become somehow

As the Architects fail to realise
That inside everybody dies
And if you open your eyes
The superstructure is lies
Held up by a fallacy
You must believe in me
But withdraw and see
The emblem of infinity
Attention is king
It is the mark of everything
Drop it and noticing
That birds on the wing
Just move they don’t ask
People must always have a task
So that the mind will last
And as that becomes the past
I become something new
I always rely on you
And do you know what you do
You laugh and I pull through

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