Lost Boy

I try to be bad but I’ll never be
I don’t want anyone to see
Because the marching of an age
I will split the bargain page
And spill the ink, spill the line
Do it again another time
Write my will, write it good
Write the words in my own blood
Because I promised body and soul
And you split the whole
Into a both half
If it wasn’t awful, I would laugh
That we tore open the veil of hell
And split the firework as well
For daring to love that way
Please don’t fucking go away
Don’t make that choice but its too late
I already see it in your face
I already know, its plain as day
Despondency I can’t make stay
Another breath, another year
What is time, another tear?
I begged, I rolled, I asked the cave
To take my life so I could save
The only man that ever was
The only reason because
I ever walked in these shoes
I was born screaming without you
So don’t laugh and say its nothing now
I know better than you do somehow
And see clearer and more fine
Pierce the incisiveness of time
Just let it hang like fallen leaves
Everyone dies, everyone grieves
Everyone breaks apart the stone
Everyone goes home alone
Everyone is nothing now
Everything is what you take somehow

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