They’ll Name A City After Us


You love me and I know it
Lets go and please show it
Don’t shoot me down and arrow
Watch while the path will narrow
As I anger in the din
The noise and the women
That leave me watching in tears
And firefights through the years
You say the deck, you called my play
I fold and go away
But come back to finally
See what did you say to me
The best, the worst and all the rest
I think you have been undressed
By arms that were never mine
By people that were never fine
By things that should never be
By love that was needing me
And here I go when you come forth
Don’t threaten me with divorce
Don’t anger me with soft sighs
Don’t lift your eyes to goodbyes
Just hold my hand promise sole
That you will keep me whole
In your heart and in your eyes
THIS is the love that never dies

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