The Subtle Bite


Wanting to be wanted, wanting to be cared for, wanting to be loved
Wanting to be all of the aboved
Wanting to be validated and decried
As the hero in tights who hasn’t died
But in following your command
I fell to the underhand
Who said it, who did it, I don’t know
I don’t recognise and I will go
To wash the shallows with my feet
To firefight the incomplete
To shadow play the dernier dream
To say goodbye to our scream
As we pulse and as we play
I am not for you today
I am not for this life
The soul in the dynamite
But eating up who I used to own
I find that all the leaves are grown
Or fallen rather from a tree
That I used to call me
But where she went I don’t know
All I was glad for the go
But the holding on to suffer
Wasn’t really because you love her
But coz you fear an alone
That takes you back to home
So wave goodbye and away
Consign yourself to yesterday
And meet the new dawn abreadth
I will not forget

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