Got It?

Lets go Batman, its a ride or die
Just don’t let ’em see you cry
Or catch you shudder in the dark
You know them demons in the park
Have it out and in for us
The parallels of perfect love
The towers of perfect strength
The vision of heaven sent
And I know it could cost our lives
I’ve done this a thousand times
With each schematic more refined
And it must be this way defined
For in the polarity that we hold
We can raise the getting gold
Don’t fall and do not stumble
Imma roll and tumble
But will be pulled out anew
You know I rely on you
A tag team of perfect peace
Lets watch this sigh release

3 thoughts on “Got It?

  1. i loved the xmen movies! this was another cool write was this inspired by the marvel universe in any way? I just recently binged watched all the xmen movies and wrote about the Wolverine yesterday lol

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    1. It wasn’t actually inspired by it but I love Superhero movies so I love putting references in. Superman and Batman are my favourites, but I love X -Men also. Not a major fan of the Wolverine movie, although Logan is great. This new series Legion which is an X-Men spin off I’d highly recommend.

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      1. ohhh thank you for the recommendation. I loved Logan, that movie was the grittiest and bloodiest out of all of them and I totally cried. lol

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