Sing me songs in the pale moonlight
But don’t mean it alright
Whisper attitude to stare
About what was never there
A further idenificate
Just fucking leave me in hate
Just fucking fire, just fucking thunder
I’m not going under
And if you want, if you like
I will be my own Kryptonite
I will be what you say
Call me a bitch yesterday
Well mean it and I’ll become
A bigger and a better one
A nicer and a deeper mean
A short arse with a gangsta lean
Coz you never meant a damn
You’re not even a good man
Just chasing birds with stones
And throwing them into alones
I hope you hit one hard enough
So that you both can be in love
But it sure as hell won’t be me
I’ll leave you with no dignity
For daring to smoke and ash
Gone girl isn’t coming back

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