The speaker of the zeitgeist
Of a feminine who isn’t nice
Who roars and rages against walls
Built against the freefalls
That happens when love is true
And I just fell into you
Before we did barricade
Our heartfulness into the shade
Because it was more than there
And we couldn’t cope with care
That had hurt us long before
By lies that we adore
Fallen from the mouths of thieves
Innocence just believes
And trusts what she says will be
I think you really do love me
Not hiding in the architect
Of designs to deflect
But cowering, a little boy
Who longs to play the toy
That was taken long before
Because it should be more
Rather than less of the same
Something I never do is blame
But take the space to be real
And figure out how I feel
And touch the edge of Superman
Just to know that I can

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