Do you still love you?
Yes I do more
I’m stronger than I was before
She kicked the chair from under me
But when I left, I left free
Though the guilt shattered bones
Why do I deserve alone?
Why do I deserve the pain
That comes with standing in the rain
Because your shine is not the sun
And suddenly I am undone
By the feeling is this
That there is something in a kiss
That I haven’t had as yet
And you are what I can’t forget
So if you still feel the same
Well, I still hang upon your name
And the water under the bridge
Is not mine, it is his
So fall if you want to babe
This time I promise I will save
Because my X-Man is still alone
Though he’s living in a home
With a hearth and roaring fire
I promise to take it higher
Than the low I used to be
I couldn’t soar til I was free
Not of you though, of me
My Love, yours, eternally