Horsekick Females

Horsekick females knock me down
And even though I love the sound
Of their voices in the ash
I hope they never come back
Because they strike and they strike hard
Then kill me with a bottled shard
So I build up a girl squad
To keep me from that kind of fraud
So I can hide behind the lines
Of the people who have shines
But living that way makes me lose
There is something I must choose
An all or nothing by degrees
Living life not on my knees
The power to raise my voice
And stand my own feet by choice
To defend the innocent
In my own heaven sent
In my heart and in my mind
In all that they left behind
Because horsekick females get you going
But their power isn’t slowing
Only rising to a dark peak
When the Lord doesn’t speak
And in the fire and in the fury
I know that this will not cure me
To make war with the self
That burns you as someone else
So forest fire come for me
But the ocean is set free
And drowning in sweet repose
Is a path I never chose

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