When you come close I run away
I know you just want to play
And express the feelings deeper down
But I give you the runaround
And the because is this
Hiding in your love kiss
Is the realisation that I
And you both will die
Someday, somewhere far from here
Where will I be then my dear
And will I be with you
Will it be a two by two
Because something I know inside
Is there is an eternal life
But you atheist deny
And so I start to cry
Because we standing poles apart
Connected only by the heart
Are divided in the soul
What happens when we make whole
To break apart once more again
As merely lovers and friend
Or something more essentially
Will you stay always with me
In the dark and in the light
Will you be with me tonight
But more than just on this shore
Are we who we were before
We met and then split in two
Can I just be with you?
But in more than the mind
When you die into the behind
Can I come with you there
Or must we part our solemn stare
In the ultimate of a death
I’m not ready to love you yet
Until I know, until I’m sure
But can you live with me anyway, demure
And just be my solemn friend
I kiss the dark that I defend
And love the light that I portray
Can you go away, but please stay?

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