Help Hurts


I’m more scared of the ones that love me
Than of the ones that don’t
Because when people have a stake
They’ll do things others won’t
And they’ll take liberties
That I should decry
But I just hold my breath
When they stick it in my eye
And make me scream aloud
Into my pillow soft
Their help hurts more
Than hatred ever could
And I pray for release
I pray to be saved
From people who know better than me
To the point of decay
And even though I beg
And humble to the stair
They treat me like a person
Who isn’t even there
Who doesn’t even know
The world just as it is
Could you take another look
And you’ll see the lie is his
Not mine to be bought
And not mine to be sold
Don’t put me up for auction
Because I am worth gold
And I’d rather be a penny
Lying in the rain
Than to go through the torture
Of being loved by you again

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