You pay for the purgatory I swim
I blame you instead of him
Because he was an innocent boy
And I was just your toy
To shatter and to take control
But you will NEVER have my soul
You will NEVER have my heart
Death can’t make me restart
This bargain to unseeming death
You love me then you’ll regret
The everlong, the everlast
The young girl is a thing of the past
To be taken care of thus
I don’t see why there’s such a fuss
To go and live in a cave in the alps
Instead of spending time skinning scalps
That never cut their own hair
You’ll be sorry I was there
Sorry I was ever born
Don’t think I didn’t warn
You when I break the seal
I came in, I didn’t cut the deal
I don’t swear and I don’t kneel
So leave me now with what you feel
Leave me now and evermore
I blame you for the sore