The Great Confine


The Rules and the Great Confine
This is the atrocity of our time
And all beings labour under the yoke
Some of ’em get by, others go broke
But I know for me, my ambition is this
To blow the lines into the abyss
For one time I was young and I really believed
When I grew up I could shake the sleeves
But I watched and I learned and then my anger burned
For whatever you do and whatever you try
The shackles for life will never die
Until you resolutely say no
Do what you will but I’m letting go
And in the underhand of the Hades
The Devil rose up like smoke on the breeze
To challenge and to ensue
I said go to Hell and I will too
Because I’m not afraid of what you say
And if you pick a fight be ready to play
So we harboured a grudge against each other
Each one of us wary to raise up the smother
But finally I said out and be gone
He turned and looked and said I’m the One
And as I stared, and as I looked
Your colours all changed like traffic I’d booked
The softness of hair and the lightness of being
What in the world did I think I was seeing?
And is it you or is it someone else?
Either way I’m in love with it, oh well
And he said to me slowly, don’t you see how it goes
You’re loving me long because nobody knows
And nobody’s telling you what to do
It free and its fair and totally you
So the brigandry to assault
Is only a shadow of what you want
And what you feel you don’t deserve
The God that you live to serve
And when others deny it hurts your heart
But you’re not them and I’m not art
To be played with and toyed with and back and forth
Put your money down and then we consort

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