My War was with Death, it was not with you
He took my self and said how dare you?!
I used to be whole and full and complete
Now I’m barely making ends meet
And life has had me on an unholy rack
And You never came back
You left me standing on the bridge
I wondered did my Hero live
For in the split our eyes did meet
There were no shards of disbelief
Only ardent truth and fire steam
Now I realise that was a dream
And I missed the point of the whole thing
You leant on me and my broken wing
Though you may not notice, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t care
If you had’ve seen the splinter there
If I’d’ve had the courage to say
Please, I need you, don’t go away
But my fear and shaking bones
Wouldn’t let me, I’d been alone
For eons of time and space
And nothing could replace
The warmth of your firm embrace
So I stuttered and said no
I’ll be fine if you go
I’ll get along and make do
I don’t want to be with you
And you took that as firm Truth
Instead of a leftover from my youth
And the hunger of not being seen
And meeting someone I’d never been
But in my minds eye is not enough
I chose fear instead of love
And hobbled the cornerstone I’d picked
If you can but I can’t forgive it

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