The Holy Spirit


I remember when I got Confirmed
Waiting as the fire burned
In the pews, in the seats
The devil’s name in deceit
Bounced around inside my head
What if I’m confirmed in him instead
And I shook and I trembled
A weeping willow I resembled
As I made my way to the fore
I hope I’m different than I was before
Because I’d read about the gifts
Come the power, this must be it
But afterwards I felt the same
Maybe its cause I heard the name
That I’ve been excommunicated
From the glory that I stated
But I really thought it quite unfair
Since the Light has always been there
That I shouldn’t be reborn
Outside of time and form
And I called it a false advertise
When I asked my mother if they’d told me lies
She said it was a metaphor
I said that’s not what I’m for
And on the tin they should have specified
That its from the inner it will rise
Not through the sacramental
But the change elemental
That burns and burns and burns me raw
The Phoenix inside of an outlaw
To burst the lines and burst the seams
And be remade from those extremes
To flourish and to write the pen
I’m still the same as I was then
Though with a little, subtle smirk
I told you I would make this work


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