Prison Living


Prison Living isn’t fun
I’m shackled and I am undone
And I would take any ride
On any carpet at midnight
Because this castle is dull and grey
I want to go away
With you down alley ways and halls
I know that you know it all
And you hide in your Sultan hat
Don’t you know I see through that
I’ve always loved the street rat
But like you said he’s not coming back
Gone to be a big man now
In the city where there is no plough
Or open fields in the sky
Like the constellations in my eye
When you pointed out Orion
Just before you left me crying
On the belt of your jeans
There lies all our could have beens
Like wasted dreams left to rot
A world that you forgot
And I am what she is not
But you drop it like its hot
Because I am and because you knew
You can’t handle a heart that’s just for you
So leave me on the floor
I watch you walk out the door
Always waiting, always longing
Always missing my belonging
But the cold hard truth is this
That its a ghost that I miss
A long lost friend that never was
A vagabond, just because

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