Once Bitten


Yeah, I’ve got you down, you’re pretty hot
I know what you are and I know what you’re not
And you’re playing games with everyone
But your playing days are done
If you wanna ride with me
I give my love and I give it free
But I suffer not the fool easily
So let me be honest and we can see
If this is real, if this is true
But to be honest I don’t trust you
I never really have in truth
Not in the years, not in my youth
Cause I could always feel the pull
To be manipulatable
And its origin made no sense
I looked and away you went
I turned and away you ran
I said okay and yes you can
But in the love that I bore
You pulled the fabric and tore
All that there was of me
Now I don’t know how I could be
Chillin’ with you with a beer in a bar
Or driving dirt roads shotgun in my car
Because I’ll never know if you’ll hit the brakes
And send me crashing like earthquakes
So I keep the distance carefully
Until you show yourself to me
And until then and if at all
There will be a ten foot wall
From whence you came and whence you go
I’m not like you, I just want to know
So when I ask please be true
It is what I would do
Though a leopard cannot change its spots
You know what I am and you know what I’m not

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