If its not functional then its not real
Can you quantify how you feel?
So I can tick this box right here
Please be honest and sincere
So I can evaluate
And accurate your state
I just stared at him in shock
Do you know what I am not?
And he confused with his notepad
Said I just think you feel sad
And I laughed out loud, I couldn’t help but see
He is not even talking to me
But the bones I seem to move
And the girl I’m born to lose
So I snickered and chuckled under my breath
I’d already spilled much to regret
And my errant prescription
Was some kind of conscription
Into the military of the bland
Sorry I move to the Higher Hand
But that only made them worse
So I played dead, they called the hearse
And as I waved goodbye
Out the window at the lie
They could see my open eye
Jesus! Wouldn’t you think she’d die!


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