Oops, I didn’t mean to do that
But I thought I’d try
I saw you on the steps
Thought “Man, what a guy”
Because you were just like
In all of my dreams
Dark and interesting
Or so it seems
And I fell at once
But can you blame
Me for grabbing your shirt
When you said my name
Because no one had heard it
Up to that point
Now I’m rocking out
While you smoke a joint
And we are just like
Bonnie and Clyde
But people like that
Don’t stay long alive
So after a while
I thought for now
I better pull back
So that I know how
When the time comes
For leaving for real
No way this dude
Will cut the deal
On an ordinary
Chick in the reeds
But if he does I’ll
Give whatever he needs
And in that moment
The fabricate
Rose up its head
And shattered the state
The bubble love phase
Romantic and sweet
Was swept up in a storm
Of self deceit
Of throwing insults
And raising lies
From the graves that lay dormant
When everyone dies
And broken and shattered
Or angry and storm
We blizzard our way
Out of the warm
Into an arcane
Where cold is our house
Now home’s just a dream
Since it kicked us out

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