I feel like everyone has bad inside him until they learn to meet it
And everyone is subject until they defeat it
And if you’re not fearless in that pursuit
Then you may as well just go and pollute
Because the eons are full of people who run
But you can be sure that I am not one
To hide behind walls and the shadows of life
I will rise like a light to scratch out the night
And perforate the dream of suspense
That leaves better days in the past tense
A golden age that came before
But Eden was pierced by the impure
And man not being all he thought
Fell from the height by the apple she caught
But Adam and Eve, how about this
Do you not think something is amiss
And that tree was there for a reason too
I could be wrong but I think God is fucking with you
And even the Serpent may be a device
But when someone tests me I blow up their right
To give me something that I own
Throw off the garments and come back home