If anything should happen tell Clark I love him
I know we’re on the run but he thinks I’m above him
Even though to me, he’s a God in my eyes
And there’s no superhero who even tries
Or comes close to that echoed refrain
I love him the most when he’s in pain
With Kryptonite stinging though he does not say
I pull it out while looking away
So he does not know the secret he keeps
Is being held close by someone discreet
By someone who would avalanche earth
Sooner than see him in the dirt
So I avert eyes when he runs away
But that S on his chest isn’t to say
That he doesn’t hurt when he’s alone
I love you the most so I hung up the phone
And played it safe, to play the cards close
They chase me instead of the ghost
Who’s business it is to haunt these halls
Peering through people like they are walls
And when it comes to break the seal
He’ll cut me loose and I will reveal
That I have known though eons we pass
I look out for you so you can surpass
The limits they place on your dark hair
You mightn’t have noticed but I was there
To see the moment when the storm breaks
You hesitate but I do whatever it takes
To bring back an equilibrium fold
I promised you didn’t I fields of gold
And I do not stumble the words that I make
It wasn’t for them, it was for your sake
To grow back a garden you can accept
You walk your boots and I follow footsteps

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