Don’t You Say That


I haven’t kissed a man since two thousand and five
And I haven’t felt inclined since you came into my life
Because you are better and more deep and pure
And I was born to be demure
Always hopping the crosswalks
And you always said that money talks
So I keep my paper clean
I hope that you pierce my dream
And come in like before
I know that you’ll love me more
Than you did the first time round
Because now you know the sound
Of the true love blues
The gangsters are after yous
And even though you call me names
You know that I play no games
The master has been you
To make the moves like you do
While I watch from afar
Always wishing on a star
To bring him back again
At least he could be my friend
And know that I never lied
It just Truth you haven’t tried

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