Students of Being


I’d run with Jung all the way
Freud has nothing new to say
But revolutions by degrees
You would have me on my knees
As you sit yourself across
I myself am at a loss
As to how to explain
The subject must be let reign
And to defatigue the I
Means that people surely die
To experiment on and feel
Is not the loving that is real
But only a shadowplay of sorts
You will show me remorse
For what you’ve done and what you do
We’re not guinea pigs for you
And you may be theoried fine
But I kiss the edge you cannot mine


***Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were a classical example of two Introverted Intuitives coming at things from different angles. Jung being an INFJ and Freud being an INTJ. Freud being more about the objective logic and Jung being more about the subjective experience. You can probably guess which one I feel has the deeper insight. I have a big problem with people’s experiences being psychiatrised rather than accepted as is and allowed to develop in a realm of support and love. We do something wrong when we make people wrong for how they feel. A theory does not mean you know what’s going on and responsiveness to the individual is key.

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