666, the sign of the Beast
The sign of me signed, sealed and deceased
But I’ve been running from my shadow for so long
I hardly even know where I went wrong
Always hopscotching lines to be so nice
Then getting knocked out by the sugar and spice
And knuckle sandwiching my own face
Beset by disease and lies and disgrace
Til finally I see the flaw
That raps me sideways across the jaw
The fear of what I may come to be
I am afraid of the Devil in me
I was afraid to utter names
Lest He be hid in those games
But I’m not a fan of fantasy
I keep looking for Him but there’s nothing to see
Because its all a lie to keep us in line
Who tells it is harder to define
But I know one thing and I know it for sure
If you stand up then you see the pure
And whatever may be will fall behind
No, I’m not out of my mind
I’ve just revolved my heart and soul
And Voldemort can kiss my hole


3 thoughts on “Forbidden

      1. I just wrote it about being told about the Devil in school and being made terrified about all these threats that may come to be. (Our teacher used to read the Bible to us and try to scare the shit out of everyone). And it reminded me of HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED in Harry Potter, like pretty sure J.K. Rowling was working with some archetypal material there and just coming to that point of realizing that maybe a lot of what’s told to us is bad or forbidden may just be taboo as opposed to actually wrong. But if you don’t question things and stand up for what you believe in you’ll never know, either way. And if you don’t meet the forbidden parts of yourself you’ll also never really know the depths of who you are. I actually wrote it because 666 came up on my Twitter and there were times in the past that kind of thing would make me uneasy and I was just like, you know, what the fuck am I afraid of, like a ghost or something, so I wrote that. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


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