Caring too much can be a disease
Like O says the disease to please
As you hovel and as you move
Feeling without the power to choose
And everyone says “you’re such a slut”
Throwing you out with a punch in the gut
Because you spread it on so thin
Like butter on bread when you love him
And really its right, they are true
Because of that I’m leaving you
Pulling back by degrees
Not going down on my knees
To prostrate myself ever more
You wanted less and so I adore
Myself this time instead of you
Look in the mirror at what its come to
By salvaging the shipwreck I see
I have abandoned me
Only for the fault is this
I crave the answer that they miss
And the recognition in time
That it is I who is sublime
So pour it in and pour it on
Consider lovely Laura gone

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