Spindles End



We met on a bridge in our youth
And you were everything I expected of you
All the gallantry and gold
All the ineffable heartbreak of your soul
And I was sold, upon instant eye contact
And before
The say love at first sight is a lie
I say meet you first and then try
To hold head and stiff upper lip
And not cry with the joy of a perfect eclipse
And my head spun with the stars of a thousand daydreams
Built in the bedrooms of my childhood and teens
That a man such as this and the truth could exist
My heart shone diamonds through pupils black
And you stared in shock and met me back
I laughed and you smile and stared a while
In awe and superstition
Quickly giving way to your supposition
And we danced hand in hand and then away
A closeness but should we stay
A tit for tat a toe to toe
I love the other but will they go
And we stayed and mutually regained the confidence that had been stolen
By the years growing up in a world that was broken
But the moment came, the sudden back break
I remember the sharpness of a breath intake
As I stared into the sky and turned to meet the absence of eye
Which, to my ever present surprise, remained unmaterialised
Only a fear and the shaking of a thousand cries
And I faltered and you wept
And we’ve held it like a secret we kept
Startlingly silent to a degree
Was the sound of you believing in me
And placing trust into hands that shook
With the fever of the faith it took
And I drawing breath and the flowing of tears
Knew I’d see you not for a thousand years
And our separation, ached in my soul
I found my hero with the heart of gold
And we mourned for our loss but sighed
I’d rather know this than never have died

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