For you it’s just a choice
For someone else it’s their life
You have pushed the button
Now it’s access denied
So how do I filter out
What I don’t want to hear
You have made your decision
Now the rest is clear
And no legislature
Can pull back the reins
On what’s relegated
To being in vain
And all my pent up wisdom
Seems to be at odds
With what’s common knowledge 
On the old sod
And I don’t like the way
You have me employed
To do your work for you
Ignore what you avoid
And have me build castles
In your name
Sign the dotted line
So there’s someone to blame
And it’s not a matter of
A simple opt out
Cause wherever I walk
I see what you’ve allowed
And find my own chains
Bound in restrictions
But you value honesty
In your predilections
As a salve for your wounds
To silence my voice
But let me remind you
It’s not my flag you hoist

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