I’m trying to be nice but you get on my grill
You can only go so far before I have my fill
And I am kind of scared that I could explode
Because this weight is meant for one and I cannot take your load

You got that smile on your face that shows what you’re missing
I don’t know these days just who you’ve been kissing
And you’re not on my leash nor have you ever been
You just were a dream in the unforeseen

So hold her hand if you think it’ll make you happy
Not so sorry I’m unkind although I have been snappy
And I just cannot hold in all my jealousy
I know I made it hard but you still didn’t choose me

So I get to see your back as you walk away from crazy
The days you read my mind are a little bit hazy
And I’ll unlock my heart for someone else someday
I guess go love yourself is all I have to say

Have been listening to Beyonce’s new album and this just kind of came out of nowhere!