A New Era

She is beautiful and kind and I cannot deny
The spark that comes into your face when she looks you in the eye
And I only wish that I could feel the strength
Of the moment of forever and understand what it meant
Cause she is your heaven and I am just your earth
And though its right for you, it doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt
Because we were once a tower, an Eiffel in the sky
And now we’re just a question that you don’t ask the reason why
Cause in the might of a moment we ruled the world as one
We shone down upon the wretched like the light of the sun
And we opened up the skies into a different realm
There was a sea borne ship and we were at the helm
As it careened ever forward to a well worn point
Before I learned the truth about what God had joined
And never could be separated, not in a million years
Because in this universe there is no place for tears
As you hold onto my hand like it is meant to be there
And though you have moved on I know that you still care
As you say to me in words and in the softest tones
You can let go my love, I am finally home

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