A Place to Call Home

You're on a pedestal selling me this
But to tell you the truth I can't buy it
Dismals and hatreds and have to do thats 
While there's rivers of gold rising up at our backs
And put down pullovers designed to entrance
And force down decisions, give lie to the dance
This family you're raising, this world of your own 
You're peddling them hearts that are built out of stone
But this is our place and here we will grow 
Resurface the Earth and let freedom flow
And the devils and demons you've raised from their graves 
Will face us and fall, we're not to be slaves
Childlike holders of this place that we have 
To live it and love it and walk down its path 
Our footsteps just like the stones on the ground 
Whole with the fullness of the life that abounds
A pinprick that narrows right down to a point 
We are the world, that's how we're joined.

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