I forgot to remember it won't always be this way
And the darkness is just light that hasn't learned to stay
I forgot that there's a time when my home is otherwise
As a wealth of warmth and wisdom dawn upon my lies
I forgot to be lain down is the path I'm walking now
Worry fills my veins as the poison spreads throughout 
I forgot returned to sender is the way it turns around 
As meaning fills my soul and leaves me with no doubt
I sense a puddle here and a chasm calling there 
As I'm pulled to my destiny by firelight and flair 
It opens like the sea and a horizon calls my name 
To bring me to the place of change where I can feel the flame 
It has taken me so long to give my heart the lead
Fear and imperfections lie underfoot my steed
I forgot that this will end and something's to be seen 
To understand my words and revolutionise my dream