The Shark

Those inky black eyes, a passion intense
Those brutal battalions , break through your defense
The greed inside, the hunger for blood
Enthuses the evil, destroys all the good
A thirst for revenge for the deaths of your kind
Makes harder the struggle, it renders you blind
Animal instinct, impulsive and rash
He sees what he wants, he's ready to dash. 
By the blood of all nations, his skin has been stained
All around is destruction, desolation and pain
Piercing, searing, white daggers slice
A person lives, another dies, just the roll of the dice

The world may forget but it will think back
Adding more atrocities to a growing stack
When will it stop the answer is never
People can be cruel and will be forever
With no morals or creed some revel in sin
More terrifying than anything is the shark within. 

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