The Hidden Way

They took you away from me
Like a blind man to suddenly see
The light is thrown into sharp relief
Like a heart to consistently beat
Against the sound of your silent frame
I can’t count the times I said your name
To myself in my sleep
Like it’s a secret that we keep
And she could never compete
With the fear and the resident dread
That follows me to bed
As I close the doors behind
What you can consider the realm of the mind

And I’m stoic and cold
But you be brave and be bold
And my defense just shatters
Like glass on the floor
And I could do nothing but adore
The man before my eyes
And our flag suddenly flies
In the breeze that you whipped up
It’s like a tsunami of pure love
But I’ll fail and I drop your shoulder
It’s like I can feel the boulder
That weighs you down
I still think of you around the town
And I watched the scene suddenly close
Like a film script, God knows

I can’t rewrite the past
Or drown what wants to last
In the summer of seventeen
Or the end of the dream
That once held afloat
A hundred thousand million boats
Like Charlie St. Cloud
I weep but I’m too proud
To let anyone see
And I know it’s not just me
It’s a catching cold
And I know and you scold
Me into the truth of being
The loss of love, the door to true seeing

And you’re like a sentinel at the gate
Asking why I made you wait
As I lift my limb like I’m underwater
And I shouldn’t‘ve fought her
But it’s too late now to go back
And she hit me where I held the lack
But it was the door into an oblivion dark
I wade through Nutgrove Park
With the joy of a new purple in my life
I let go and someone’s wife
Holds the key to a diary I wrote
And there are sections that I quote
When I’m thinking of you
I let you know coz I thought you wanted me to

And you come back to visit me in my dreams
Death may not be all that it seems
Coz the boy I knew would be a grown man
If I could stretch his time here like only God can
In his laughter and in his smile
I thought I was okay for a while
But it all comes back to haunt
And I write it in my own font
Coz there’s no other way to explain
What fell on me like the softest rain

So how did we intersect
We barely met, you interject
But somehow you’re held so dear
In a heart of glass that’s crystal clear
And you can see the facets of the diamond
But if you look for it you can’t find ‘em

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