The Darkness Disease

Somehow it reached me
The darkness disease
And it has brought me to my knees
Coz I can't admit
Something I need help with
Does it mean I'm weak
That sometimes I can't speak
And the words rise up 
Like flurries of snow 
I didn't know
I'd have to let you go
In the end, eventually
And it's nothing like being free
Coz all I know is the space you left
And I am bereft 
Without the knowledge of your soul 
And the waves still roll
It's been years
And I'm more icicles than I am tears 
As I put distance, space
In between the names I trace
Coz they don't understand
And you were just a man
But you held it all 
Til that call
That shattered the glass
A change that is made to last
How do I survive
When you are not alive
And that door
Closes on my front
And I bear the brunt
Of something I can't contain
Do you let the rain
Or do you complain
That it's falling from the sky
All things born, die

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