Crying In The Day

The avenue tear away the sky
Coz everyone has to die
It’s a gate we must all go through
But it’s no consolation losing you
And I claw and scratch
Against the force of time
Coz I can’t really call anything mine
And you’re like space or air
But I know you’re there
I feel you right by my side
As though you were still alive
And is it really what we think
The nights we used to have a drink
By the fire
Now you’re somewhere higher
But does that mean gone
It’s like life is just so long
And the weary learn to hang their heads
While the rest lie abed
And I just want to scream
Til someone steps in and reminds me it’s a dream
And sudden calm
And the pain is just to ring the alarm
To wake me up
And you are present love
In every breath I take
I don’t do it for my sake
But for something I can’t put name to
For now let’s call it all for You

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