Always Had A Vision

Singing my trauma
Amid all the flora and fauna
And I have some disaster with her
Waiting to happen by my word
Coz I feel the ground tremor and shake
With every letter the earth quake
Til I’m afraid to utter a syllable
In case she’s vulnerable
And uses that to attack
I know it’s just me seeing the future back
In a film reel of tomorrow’s yesterday
In hindsight you can always see it, okay
But we’re headed straight for the precipice
And I’m not even dealing with it
Just sticking my head in non existent sand
Pretending the ocean is under command
As we all go down the swirling drain
We’ve done it before, is this it happening again?
As the might of power starts to sway
And things don’t look so okay
Is there a way to catch
The ball before it undoes the latch
On the monstrosities in the deep
Does the dragon merely sleep
He’s not gone
Though he’s been absent for so long
In the quiet of empty halls
We brick him up with mud and walls
But the water runs through the cracks
And suddenly someone attacks
Those who have no discernible means
Of contradicting how it seems
Can you give us another chance
How to wage love and dance
Instead of the war the people make
Wake yourself up, for God’s sake


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