The Fire And The Ash

Oh my fight, the burning fire
But I get old, I get tired
And I get weary of the day
If I tell the truth is that okay
As insurmountable may be
The leaves you’re shaking off the tree
In this autumn weather
But I found honey amongst the heather
To drink in deep and consume
There’s more than air in this room
There’s more than space we traverse
There’s more than words to converse
As everything becomes a screaming sky
And I am not afraid to die
Just walk this path to blaze a trail
Know in truth I cannot fail
To live up to be all that I am
I’ve got to say I’ve got no plan
Just an amiable sort of meander
Unbridled honesty and candour
That lives and breathes and moves as being
There is no real telling what’s for seeing
Except the open vast expanse
As I watch the lilies dance
In the air than animates
The breath that bates the one you take
To be part of dynamism
Refracting a spectacular prism
As all my colours dissipate
Am I bold enough to call this fate


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