Love Alone

Listening to a sermon by Father P
And you know it means the world to me
Coz he is bringing Jesus down
To us, the flock, in a holy gown
And it was young just growing up
What it felt to be bathed in love
Shining down from the altar
To know that God also had a daughter
And he always said humankind
So no one might be left behind
Refused to condemn loving as it poured through
And I always looked up to you
It’s been more than ten years since you depart
I’m glad you wedded God and the Heart
So sacred that I only see
Life in my destiny
No worries on the path that led me there
A priest I trust to level with me fair
And I swore I would speak the truth
From the young days of my youth
As I catalogued Borneo
Just equal to you, you know
A journalist or a scribe
I find my own way out of the hide
To stand up for what I know
There’s more to it than this, a flow
And I see in hindsight the disparity
But you never lorded it over me
Or the rest of us
Just this holy trust
That pulls all of us out of the mire
No such thing as an eternal fire
Or limbo to threaten us with
You stood up and said it didn’t exist
In a time when your voice was true
I learned so much from you
And I swore I would testify
To that which doesn’t die
But shines from the Source
Like a river to sea on a sacred course
And I won’t deny the lie
But there’s something that doesn’t die
In all that I’ve learned to live
Just life and how to forgive

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