He doesn’t seem to know me
But could it be what it seem
I’ve been dreaming of him
Since I was eighteen

When we met on the grass
But the time was not ready
He doubts in my love
But it’s holding steady

And he’s looking real tired
And caught in the fray
I touch his face
And hope he’s okay

As he’s lonely and weary
And fraught with tension
He keeps getting pulled
Into another dimension

Where time and space
Don’t matter at all
You’re walking through weather
You’re walking through walls

And disappearing just
When I want to hold your hand
But don’t worry love
Together we’re grand

And we’ll make this story
Something new
It’s as if I
Have always known you

And always will
You reside in my soul
You look in my eyes
And my vision is whole

As you finally come true
The dream becomes real
We’ve got years together
To love and to feel

And when the midnight
Meets the end of day
You’re the one thing
That’s not going away

Coz you’re held in my heart
And the moments we have
Are just part of the ocean
So I won’t be sad

Just call my name
As I race to your side
I’m the time traveler’s wife
So let love abide

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash.com

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