Friends To This

Going from friends to this
Can you believe we didn’t even kiss
Except when our palms met each other
And I think of you as a would be lover
And you laugh and so do I
I think I’ll love you more than life can die
Coz there are no walls to hold this in
But when it comes to me it’s always him
And he seems to be some other where
But he’s with me and I don’t care
Who I offend
With the way I stitch the thread to mend
Til it’s a brand new dress or quilt
And the blade is broken at the hilt
As you try to pull it out of the stone
But who are you when you’re at home
Are you the same old saviour sweet
I’m warm but can you stand the heat
Of a passion that burns fusion strong
How could this love ever be wrong?

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