Non Autobiographical

I put down my pen as I start to write
I wonder will this pebble go down alright
As I throw it out into the multiverse
It something you just do, you can’t rehearse
And I can feel the tremors and the rumbles
The rock as the earth quakes and downwards it tumbles
Into a sphere of non recompense
I was stuck there for an eon in the present tense
But it’s nothing I can’t leave for a good cup of tea
See the guy in the club, wonder if he’s looking at me
As I down another shot on my travail
It’s the kind of purpose that can never fail
As I live up to the archetype of sin
When I’m in the room, just me and him
And it really don’t matter what she say
I’m all in with this thing, okay
But I see doubt flit across your face
As if I’m a demon you don’t dare to chase
Into the folds of another chasm
I look away coz I know she has him
And there’s no point a syllable to spill
It’s not like I have a void I want you to fill
I’m all emptiness and a faraway shore
The Goddess that is prone to adore
The face and feet of a holy man
I’ll wash them with my hair if you say that I can

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