My Life With The Girls

We’ll never be that young again
The look on Linda’s face
As all our cares
Vanished without a trace
And we’re a team
There were times we were the best they’d ever seen
As they wrote us off
Til we won the match
Getting changed in the old house
With the roof made of thatch
And Gerry got us all fired up at half time
That year was one that would never rhyme
And our nemeses are just girls on a pitch
You better watch who you’re calling a bitch
And there’s something momentous
There’s something forever
In our willful abandon and heartfelt endeavor
To reach to the skies
Just coz we’re young
And no words
Could ever spell the fun
And everybody’s got their cameras
No one’s got phones
And we look at each other
And we’re not alone
In the fray of it all
You made my life, we broke through the wall
And we’re forever for a moment in time
The ball sits in the air and I make it mine

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