Zero Point

It’s zero point
It all boils down
To what won’t lift up
Off the ground
And if we’re to leave
More than a crater
We’ve got to stop
Spanning the equator
I’m search of
What can’t be found
Everybody knows
That the world is round
And bends at the horizon
Do you find the wave motion of tears surprising
When they’re cried from the sky
If we’re born do we know how to die
Coz we’ve been stamped with a temporary seal
And it’s been rendered taboo what you feel
That used to be age old wisdom true
Now it’s spiraling in diamonds over you
And they give you a name so you know what to call it
But you still find a way to apall it
As it burrows ever closer to your heart
Beating in the years we’ve been apart
Do you doubt the moment’s breath
And is past just regret
That accumulates
I tell you now to get out of that state
Don’t sit with your bootstraps so low to the ground
Ring the bell like you hear the sound

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