Finding My Context

Finding my context in a world gone mad
And I wanted him so bad
But the rushing waterfall begets me
And she claims that he forgets me
But he only said the word
That he barely remembered having heard
Like my sweet recollection
It was never a rejection
Only I’m not ready yet
For a state I can’t forget
As we threw our limbs across the aisle
And you really made my smile
And guffaw at the seams
That split to the man of my dreams
Seated in my own refrain
We, somehow, transcend the pain
And would I do it over again
Kiss you in the pouring rain
To the sound of our favorite band
And for once the glass is not slipping sand
As we forever side by side
I never realized you were alive
Til you showed up at my doorstep
Living love like a regret
Looking for an open heart
Do you know what you start?

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