The Light Pouring Through

There’s a confounding beauty in his eyes
Like he’s looking out with no disguise
And all my rapacious and my ill at ease
Do nothing to calm the storm of those seas
As he just looks and he just stares
And I can see he’s really there
In all his absent wisdom prose
And he was just the guy she chose
To walk in verdant step along to
It kind of reminds me of me and you
And the avenues that we traversed
The kind of wholesome you can’t rehearse
And the ages seem long without you by my side
But there is something I’ve yet to confide
That I hid it all for your seeing
And there is something of silence in the waves that you’re freeing
As we usher in a new dawn
And the age of tomorrow is almost nearly gone
In defiance and in beautiful tones
You kissed me now I’m not alone

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