Where’d You Get Your Hairstyle

I can’t reconcile the love I bear
With the way the fabric tear
And everything is a new seam
Do you think that we could be the dream
And I’m fighting with the tide to run
But you are my favourite one
I lie awake in bed at night
And think about your kryptonite
Think about your awning soul
And the way that we will not grow old
And how I just turned my face around
Like you were the only sound
That I could ever hear playing
You’re a melody, hey, I’m just saying
And you’re complex and deep
Could you be something I’d keep
Amidst the transitory snow
It only rains just to let go
And all the years and all the weather
Are nothing to you amongst the heather
As I make a solitary stance
Would you maybe want to dance
Out here in the open air
I loved the way you just were there
As you looked at me
And set my heart running free
To a canter that lasted years
And you brought the love not the tears
And I hold you as it crystal clears
I’m here with you throughout your fears

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