Simple Times

It seems like a dream that could never come through
That I could be worthy of the forest of you
But no, she exclaims
As she’s pouring down in the shower of rains
I love you so
And I know she will not go
So how do I kick it to be more than I can
And she will not settle for just any man
She moves in close then pulls away
Is the queen of making everyone’s day
But she’s got a dark side
I can see the waves roll
But they only announce
The expanse of her soul
How she could find love
In someone like me
Who just wanders round
It’s no way to be
And I calm her sighs
And all her utterings
Her beautiful stare that sets hearts a fluttering
Do you think you could be true to me
She asks in all sincerity
And I sigh, brush the question aside
Because you know you cannot hide
And what was once trees is empty ground
But no, she says, I hear the sound
And who’s to deny the butterflies
The beautifuls and never say dies
She’s gorgeous, it’s clear it’s true
I could never find myself with other than you

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