Some unspoken conversation 
Passed between us both
And I’m like a guard
Always watching the coast
But you come in close
With no diversions
And I’m just shocked
I’m not casting aspersions
That you could be anything
But what you are
There’s something about
The North Star
And the way it seems
To guide you home
From far away valleys
And hills that you roam
And you’re windswept and interesting
And I have a degree
In getting to know
The parts of me
That I keep hidden
That I keep on lock
But no one can be
Something they’re not
As the leaves blow down
From the wonder of me
Who could have built
Such a tree
But the God of Creation
The One who dances
He’s full of forgiveness
And second chances
And I’m love struck and awesome
As I meet eyes
The human Being
Before the lies
The humble of heart
The meek of mind
The inheritance of the earth
For the kind

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