The Road and the Reins

Andrew Bui on
The crack of Gary Lightbody’s voice
Sings a song within me without choice
As he holds his own refrain
And makes something new of the pain
And I can hear myself in the sound
Like I’m standing on solid ground
With the beacon of love, friendship and clarity
Something to preserve my sanity
Coz I try to fight but it’s not working
And all my rebellion is simply hurting
As I find a new way to be
Please be kind and don’t judge me
Coz I’m cutting my own swathe
There’s nothing that love doesn’t save
And there’s nothing a trail can’t blaze
I guess this land knew how to raise
A daughter like me to realize
That we exist under blue skies
That we stand beneath the same sun
And if you’re looking, it’s for everyone
As we grow older but stay the same
There’s something hidden behind every name

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